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Welcome to MOHI Calcutta

Discover our curation of fine handloom products & bespoke tailoring

From our Founder

"What a time to be alive! With the advent of technology, we are seeing a rapid change in the way we dress. I remember 25 years ago, the concept of 'fast fashion' did not exist. But today, it is a reality. However, the customer of today is very aware and individualistic in their style and choose to learn more about where their clothes have come from. This is why I started MOHI Calcutta, hoping to cater to those who appreciate sustainably made artisanal handloom and also for those who might just like it for what it is."

Custom Sarees

A saree is not just a traditional garment. It can be 6 yards of heirloom for some. What better way to mesh heritage and style than executing your vision in a saree! In about 3-4 months, we can weave your design using your choice of fabric. Currently, we make Jamdani, Tant, Kantha, and Banarasi sarees. Call us for more information.

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