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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MOHI Calcutta have more than one branch?

Currently, we are only located in Parel, Mumbai. We are able to fulfill online orders and consultations.


You may also shop our handloom products by clicking the following links:
International Orders
Domestic Orders

How long do you take to process and ship online orders?

We process each order once it is placed online in 2 business days. Usually, domestic shipping takes between 2-5 days and international orders take around 7-14 days. If you are returning your order, it is processed in 2 business days and picked up within the week (applicable to domestic orders, international return orders take longer to process).

What is your return policy?

We are committed to bringing you the best handloom products available. Since they are made by hand, there are discrepancies between images online and the actual product making each product unique and no two are the same, only enhancing their beauty.


However, in the unlikely event, you receive a product that is not made to our exacting standards, you may reach us by writing to us on We request that you also attach images for our perusal. Once we determine and process the return order, we dispatch a delivery agent to pick it up; once we receive the product, we refund your payment back to your account. 

How long do custom bridal/saree orders take? Do you undertake urgent orders for tailoring?

Depending on the design and the intricacies involved, the execution of bridal trousseaus and sarees takes between 45-60 days. In case there is only tailoring, we seek 10-15 days to execute. In the interim, we encourage and set up a trial to tweak and adjust the fitting. 

We also undertake urgent orders and the turn around time is about 3-5 days. Such orders incur additional charges.

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