How I quit my job in Finance to start a Fashion Boutique!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

‘Mohi’ is one of the many names of Indian Goddess Durga, who is at the heart of the people in West Bengal, hence the name of the shop. Here you will find handloom sarees, shawls, and stoles that have been made by weavers of Bengal.

About two years ago, I had visited the villages of West Bengal and saw the weavers first hand working at their looms. I observed that the weaving community of India was full of passion and they were raring to showcase their work to a discerning audience internationally. It also made me realize that the various levels of middlemen between the weaver and the final consumer devalued the weaver and the faceless factory-based economy dehumanized their work.

I had an epiphany that the final consumer should know the weaver’s name and face, this would bring the consumer and producer closer. The consumer, in turn, would be able to personally relate to the fine craftsperson behind the product they have bought.

The ethos of the brand lies in the essence of collaboration between the design team in Mumbai that is responsible for giving the brief that is executed by the weavers in West Bengal who bring beautifully & sustainably created hand-woven textiles.

I have always had a creative bent in me and the zeal to put forward these weavers’ art on a platform where they would be appreciated. I hope to see MOHI Calcutta especially popular amongst the youngsters who have the power to influence the fashion industry at large.

A close up of an actual loom in Shantipur, West Bengal
Cross Section of the Loom

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